Boys High School Info | Boulder Valley Lacrosse
Youth lacrosse program for boys in Northern Colorado, including Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Longmont, Superior, and Westminster.

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Boulder Valley Lacrosse supports and feeds all four local high school programs.
We do not endorse one program over another.
BVL encourages parents to make decisions about high school attendance on the basis of multiple factors, not just lacrosse.
The Colorado High School Athletic Association (CHSAA) and the Boulder Valley School District have specific rules about where students can play boys high school lacrosse. 

Parents should contact the athletic director of their son's future high school and also the athletic directors listed below, to determine a player's options.  If your son's high school does not offer lacrosse, he has the option to play lacrosse at another school.  Many high school students have multiple options in terms of the programs they are eligible to play for.  

For more information about our local high school lacrosse programs, please visit their websites and contact their Athletic Directors:
            Alexander Dawson School
            Boulder High School

            Fairview High School

            Monarch High School