Important Pre-Game Info

Please read the following important reminders about game days, as Boulder Valley Lacrosse sets a high standard for sportsmanship from our coaches, players, and parents.  

We ask specifically for parents’ active involvement in making our sidelines a fun and positive place to be on game day. We will not tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct from members of our organization. 

Please review the following guidelines for appropriate parental behavior:

  • ALL parents must sit on the opposite sidelines from the team boxes. This includes all photographers and videographers.
  • CHEER— DON’T COACH— from the sidelines. Some examples of positive cheering:
  • Good hustle!
  • Great shot— good take!
  • Nice D- keep it up!
  • Great look—sweet pass!
  • Let’s go Boulder!
  • We require all spectators at our 7v7 home games (1st- 3rd grade) to remain at least ten yards behind the sidelines. Let's give these young players some space to play the game, we don't need a gladiator arena environment out there. 
  • Parents do not have the right to address any player who is not their child, except to compliment him. Regardless of what occurs on the field, parents should never speak to players, opposing coaches, or officials. 
  • Be a role model for the young players you are watching. Display your enthusiasm and composure, by supporting both teams on the field positively.
  • Honor the game by respecting our opponents and officials. “Without an opponent, there is no game.  Without an official, it’s just a scrimmage.” In many cases, younger officials at our home games are BVL alumni. 
  • Leave fields better than you found them, and obey all posted rules about parking & pets. Please make sure that players clean up all trash, water bottles, etc. from sidelines & team areas after games. Alcohol is not permitted at any AYL game.

In BVL, "Coaches coach, players play, parents cheer."  Parents must refrain from directing players on the field-- that is our coaches' job.  Some examples of instruction that hinders more than it helps:  

  • “Go to goal!”  It may not be advisable to exhort players to attack the goal, for example if the other team has held the ball on offense for a while, or if the coach is attempting to create a different matchup.
  • “Hit him!” Lacrosse is a physical sport and we coach it as such. Specific situations call for that physicality—but an ill-timed body check may lead to a fast break for the opposition, particularly if it occurs around the midfield. 
  • "Check his stick!"  Our players are being coached to avoid the urge to execute risky "takeaway" checks. By relying on patient, sound defensive position, our players will be able to coax opposing players into throwing the ball away rather than lunging, "chasing stick", and creating a offensive opportunity for the opponents. 
  • "Scoop that ball!" Even the youngest lacrosse player understands the importance of gaining possession.  Excessively engaged spectators run the risk of intimidating, not encouraging, our players on the field. When a lacrosse player is physiologically stressed out, he will grip the stick more tightly and cannot throw, catch, or scoop a groundball in an optimal manner.  Relaxed lacrosse players are simply more successful.

Just as importantly, parents must recognize the difficulties involved in officiating a lacrosse game.  Officials have a tremendously tough job and often receive unwarranted criticism. They are doing the best they can and the growth of lacrosse in Colorado depends upon them. 

Please realize that many officials are young, current high school players themselves (often BVL alumni)— so help us to create a positive sideline atmosphere in which adults behave in a responsible manner. 

Knowing the rules of lacrosse is an important part of being a positively involved spectator. Parents should familiarize themselves here: AYL Game Rules

Parents should also be aware that every BVL coach is required to complete an online concussion awareness course. We strongly encourage every BVL parent to complete the “Heads Up” training as well, available free at

If a BVL coach believes that a player may have suffered a concussion, he is required by Colorado State Law to remove the player from athletic participation—regardless of any parental instructions to the contrary. Please support our coaches in keeping players safe through this requirement.   

We look forward to seeing everyone at the fields— have a great time out there!


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